Best Disaster Restoration Services  in Draper, UT

Draper, Utah, located in the southern part of the Salt Lake Valley, is a vibrant and rapidly growing city known for its blend of suburban living and stunning natural surroundings. Nestled against the picturesque Wasatch Mountain Range, Draper offers residents and visitors access to many outdoor recreational opportunities, including hiking and biking trails, as well as breathtaking views of the valley below. The city boasts a thriving community with a mix of residential neighborhoods, schools, and commercial areas, making it an attractive place for families. Its proximity to Salt Lake City ensures easy access to cultural amenities, employment opportunities, and a diverse range of dining and shopping experiences, while its commitment to quality of life and community development continues to make it a desirable destination in the Beehive State.
Customer Highlights & Service Experience
In the unprecedented 2023 flooding, we helped more than 30 different individuals with their property damage in Draper. Some of those were flooded basements or roof leaks when torrential rains hit in August. Our mitigation crews worked after hours and on weekends to get the homes dried out. 

One of our most recent customers’ basement was flooded with deep water. They acted quickly and started moving water out with all means available. Our Certified Disaster Services team arrived there shortly after and helped move furniture and belongings, then extracted the remaining water out of the basement, extracted water from the carpet, removed the wet carpet and pad, and affected drywall. We set up equipment that dried out the affected areas and then began reconstruction. We restored furniture and other items and helped put their home back together. 

Unfortunately, they were affected by rains again, as many in Draper were, and we cleaned up a second flood. 

We encourage all of our customers, and those in areas that are susceptible to flooding and water run-off, to look into their insurance coverage and purchase additional coverage if needed to protect their property. 
Weather In Draper
The weather in Draper, Utah, can vary significantly depending on the season. Draper generally experiences a semi-arid climate with hot, dry summers and cold, snowy winters.

During the summer months (June to August), temperatures can soar to the high 90s and occasionally surpass 100 degrees Fahrenheit. This hot and dry weather can negatively affect homes in the area by putting a strain on cooling systems like air conditioning. Homeowners may face increased energy costs to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures. Additionally, the dry conditions can contribute to an elevated risk of wildfires, especially in the nearby mountainous areas, which can threaten homes and property.

In the winter (December to February), Draper typically sees cold temperatures and snowfall. Sub-freezing temperatures can lead to issues like frozen pipes, which can cause water damage to homes. The accumulation of snow and ice can also create hazards for roofs, potentially leading to leaks or structural damage. Homeowners must be diligent in winterizing their homes and ensuring they have effective heating systems to combat the cold.
Services We Offer
Here at Certified Disaster Services, we offer a valuable resource for Draper residents regarding safeguarding their homes against weather hazards. With Draper’s varied climate, including hot summers and cold winters, homeowners can face various weather-related challenges, from fire risks during dry spells to water damage from heavy snowfall and freezing temperatures.

We offer a comprehensive suite of services at Certified Disaster Services to mitigate these risks and provide homeowners with peace of mind. Here’s how they can assist Draper residents:
Water Damage
Insurance Industry Research says 98% of basements in the U.S. will experience some type of water damage during their lifespan. 37% of home owners claim to have suffered losses from water damage. 93% of water damage can be prevented.
Fire and Smoke Damage
Fire and smoke damage affect over 350,000 homes in the US every year. Learn more about what causes them and what you should do if you have a house fire affect your life.
Mold Damage
According to Farmers Insurance there has been an 1,100% increase in mold related claims. Mayo Clinic says 93% of Chronic Sinus Infections have been attributed to mold. Learn more about mold damage and how to prevent it.
Storm Damage
Many types of storms can cause damage to shingles, gutters, windows and more. Damage from wind, water, hail and ice is very common. We can help with all types of storm damage.
Emergency Services
Weather hazards can strike anytime, and our team at Complete Restoration of Salt Lake provides 24/7 emergency services. We can respond quickly to mitigate damage and prevent it from worsening, offering immediate relief to distressed homeowners.
Reconstruction and Remodeling
In cases of severe damage, our company can also handle reconstruction and remodeling projects, helping homeowners restore their properties to their original condition or even enhance them.