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How to Clean a Flooded Bathroom

Turn off Water When faced with a flooded bathroom, the first step is to immediately turn off the water supply. Locate the shut-off valve for the affected area and stop the flow of water to…

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Cracked Shower Walls: Leaks and Mold

Cracked shower walls are a common issue many homeowners face, often stemming from the wear and tear of daily use.  While cracks might seem like minor inconveniences, they can lead to significant problems, such as…

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How to Fix A Bathroom Floor That Is Rotting

A bathroom is one of the most frequently used spaces in our homes, but it’s also one of the most vulnerable to water damage. Over time, the constant exposure to moisture and humidity can lead…

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  • Sprinkler Water Damage

    November 15, 2023 | Posted By: Jared Horton

    As the sun climbs higher in the sky and the days grow longer, there is an undeniable sense of anticipation in the air. It's that time of year when the world transitions from the cool embrace of spring to the vibrant warmth of summer, and with it comes one of the most cherished traditions of…

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  • Prep for Preventing Groundwater Floods

    July 21, 2023 | Posted By: Jared Horton

    Groundwater floods significantly threaten communities, causing property damage, water source contamination, and disruptions to daily life. Proactive measures and preparedness are crucial for preventing these floods and mitigating their consequences. This spring, many counties in Utah took steps to be prepared for runoff from record-breaking snowfall. Many communities used the tools listed below to be…

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  • Water Damaged Baseboards: How To Fix Them

    June 7, 2023 | Posted By: Jared Horton

    Water damage can wreak havoc on your property, and one of the common areas that suffer is the baseboards. When water seeps into the walls, it can cause baseboards to warp, swell, or even rot. Dealing with water-damaged baseboards may seem daunting, but with the right approach and a bit of know-how, you can restore…

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  • How To Maximize A Water Damage Claim

    June 2, 2023 | Posted By: Jared Horton

    Water damage can be a devastating event that could cause significant damage to your property. Unfortunately, it's an all too common occurrence. If you've experienced water damage, it's essential to know how to maximize your water damage claim so that you can get the compensation you deserve. Here are some tips on how to maximize…

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  • How Do You Get Mildew Smell Out Of Carpet?

    March 22, 2023 | Posted By: Jared Horton

    Have you ever walked into a room and realized that something doesn’t smell fresh? And as you investigate, you find that your carpet has an odor, and that it may be from mildew. Mildew is a fungus that grows in moist environments. It forms when water from leaks or spills sits on the carpet, and…

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