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Prep for Preventing Groundwater Floods

Groundwater floods significantly threaten communities, causing property damage, water source contamination, and disruptions to daily life. Proactive measures and preparedness are crucial for preventing these floods and mitigating their consequences. This spring, many counties in…

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3 Things to Consider When Dealing with Water Damage

While a small spill usually isn’t an issue, extensive water damage can damage your home and belongings, potentially beyond repair. That’s why quick action is essential. Along with securing water damage restoration services, you’ll want…

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How To Winterize Your Home For When You Are Away

If you will be away from home, whether just for the holidays for a week or two, or for a month or two, winterizing your home should be one of your top priorities this fall.…

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  • Top 5 sources of water damage that sneak up on you

    July 26, 2021 | Posted By: Jared Horton

    Water damage usually comes from an obvious source and causes easily noticeable effects, such as standing water in the basement or a soaked carpet. However, there are also times when water damage can sneak up on you. Here are our top five common yet sneaky sources of water damage. 1. Refrigerator Water Line Refrigerators with…

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  • Water Damage Restoration in Utah

    July 1, 2021 | Posted By: Jared Horton

    Has your home been the victim of flooding or water damage? Granted, Salt Lake City, Utah may not be on FEMA’s “high flood risk” list. Because let’s face it, Utah’s slopey topography makes the possibility of a flood less remote. But whenever it does flood, as it did in 1983, the damage is catastrophic. Flood…

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  • 2021 Expertise.com Best Water Damage Restoration Services Award!

    April 12, 2021 | Posted By: Jared Horton

    We are pleased to announce that we have been recognized by Expertise.com as one of the best water damage restoration services in the Salt Lake Valley. Our selection was not based on any voting or advertising- Expertise.com takes the guesswork and ads out of the equation to give you the names of the best people.…

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  • The Risks of DIY Sewage Flood Cleanup in Your Home

    August 28, 2020 | Posted By: Jared Horton

    Original Source: https://www.puroclean.com/blog/the-risks-of-diy-sewage-flood-cleanup-in-your-home/ Sewage flooding, typically occurring in the basement or bathroom, is a critical problem that needs to be addressed immediately. While there are minor flooding incidents that you can tackle yourself, sewage flood cleanup involves several risks that would not make it DIY-friendly. If you’re considering cleaning up sewage flooding yourself, you may put your…

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